Many Times, When u see ur computer u see extension like .mp3, .bat, .txt and many other. When u sort ur files present in ur folder by type and select to view them in group, u see the information about the file and type.

It will be fun if u could change them, or create associate a particular file’s extension to ur custom extension. Yes, it is possible. It is a Registry Trick.

Actually, when u select a File to open, ur windows consults registry what to do. For Example, when u select a .txt file to open, windows first looks into registry for the extension .txt in HKCR. After finding the entry named .txt, it looks at its default value. Default Value holds the information About what kind of file it is.

Open the registry editor by typing the regedit in run.

Firstly, u should create a new extension for example, I want to create a new extension .akj, then I will create a key under HKCR named .akj, then I will Change its Default Value to the flle type, Here , lets take it as “Blog File”,so I will change its default value to blogfile.

Now, it is the time to put information about blogfile in registry. So, create a new key named blogfile under HKCR.Change its default Value to Blog File.Add an Entry to HKLM\blogfile named FriendlyTypeName which is a expandable string value by right clicking the right pane of registry editor.Change its Value to Blog File.

Now U have Created A New Custom Extension.Just Try It.Open Notepad. Write Whatever U want. Save It By The extension .akj and see to the location u have stored it. In its details It Will Be Written as Blog File.

But what now? You Can’t Do Anything with this, even can not open.

For this u will have to do some extra work.

Let we want to open this by notepad, there are 2 options, 1st by using open with. 2nd is through registry.

let us discuss 2nd one.

Under the key HKLM\blogfile create a new subkey named shell. Under this subkey create another subkey named open.  Now create a new subkey named command under HKLM\blogfile\shell\open.U can take any other name istead for open. Since I am telling u for opening file so I used this.

change the default value of command to C:\windows\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1.

Now refresh the registry.Perhaps, To see the changes, u would have to restart the system. Now when u will look at the .akj file, It will Be shown that it is blog file and when u will click open or any oher name u had entered instead of open. Your notepad will be open with contents of ur blog file.

So How was the Post………………….