If u are a java programmer, then I bet that just like me u too do not like the icon of the java file u made. Its Icon is of txt file. I never liked this. So, I decided to change its icon. It is a simple registry trick that anyone can do.

First, Select the pic u want to use for that icon. Make sure it is of .ico extension. Copy it and paste in C:\windows\system32 folder or in any other folder in system32. Remember the path.

Open the registry editor by typing regedit in run, and press enter.

running regedit

Next Step Is, to locate a registry entry of the extension of which u want to change the icon. For example,if u want to change the icon of a .txt file. Locate .txt in HKCR. Note Down its default value.

Search for the its default value in registry. For example. it is txtfile for .txt. Locate it in HKCR.

Expand the located key. U will see the two subkeys. Thay are Default icon and shell.

Change the value of DefaultIcon’s  Default value to path of your desired icon. Remember, u have to enter the full path of the file without any system variables.

modify the default value to path for changing the icon

Now u should restart your computer or simply log off to see the changes.