It is a great trick that would surprise very experienced computer users. It is very simple and without the use of any registry editing. I am sure  U will enjoy it by seeing someone mucking into the registry for enabling the desktop icons.

Let me tell U. Firstly come at ur desktop by minimizing all the running applications and windows. Use the button Print Screen button on the keyboard located next to your special function keys.

Aftrer u have pressed print screen, open the paint which is located in Accessories in All programs or type mspaint in run window.

In paint press “Ctrl + V” to paste the screenshot you have taken. Save it to any location U want.

After this again come to Desktop, Select all the icons except Recycle Bin and move them to Recycle Bin. Do not parmanently delete them. If u are using Windows 7 then right click on desktop, select view and click on the option Show Desktop Icon. It is the way to delete the recycle bin, else only recycle bin would be only icon active on ur desktop.

Now, U maust have an empty desktop without any icons.

Goto the location where u have saved ur screen shot, “SET IT AS WALLPAPER”.

Now, U have a desktop that has all the shortcuts but no one is active, As ur wallpaper is a screen shot of ur desktop as it was before.