Is it possible to remove the password of a user account without knowing its current password. YES, It is possible with command prompt. I am sure that u have read this type of post in various blogs. So, what is new here. Okay, I am going to tell you that it is possible for windows 7 also.

If u try to change password for user, U get error 5. So, U can’t change it. I will tell you how it is possible for Windows 7.

First, Come to your desktop by minimizing all the windows and application running. Right click on the desktop, select new option, then a new sub menu appears representing options, select shortcut.

A new Window appears to enter the details of shortcut. Don’t get me wrong I am not telling you how to create a shortcut. In The location write “C:\Windows\System32\Cmd.exe” without quotes. Then click next. Then Name this shortcut by any name you want. Click Finish.

What next ? This shortcut too will not do the job of removing the password and will produce the same error. It is so because the creating shortcut which is needed for this job is not complete. There is something we left.

Open the Properties of created shortcut.

In the bottom of the properties of short cut, U can 3 options they are

1) Open File Location

2)Change Icon


You need to click Advanced to do the trick.

As U will Click run as Administrator, Ur shortcut will always run cmd with administrative privilages, Now U can do everything.

Now we should come to our main task of removing the password of the user.

Open the cmd through this short cut only else u will get the same error.

Now u have command prompt open.

Type this command

net user username *

here replace username by the Account Name. Now u will not get the error. And U have a great job.