If U are Using Windows 7, right click on the computer icon in your desktop screen. If u see that there is a shield sign before the manage command. I will tell u how to add this to any other command.

Lets take the .txt file. Open the registry editor, search for the key .txt in HKCR. Note down the default value of the .txt file. Its default value is txtfile. Now, search for this key named txtfile in HKCR in registry.

After u have located it, expand this key, now u see subkeys like defaulticon and shell. Expand the subkey shell so that u are able to see its subkeys. Now, u have subkeys like open, edit and print. If u have a keen observation then u must have noticed that these subkeys are the commands available to u when u open a .txt file ny rightclicking it.

Let I wish to add administrative privilage to this open command. Select the open subkey. Add a string value to this key by right clicking the right pane of the registry editor. Name the sting key as HasLUAShield.

Now u can see what u have done by trying to open a .txt file by right clicking it.