In windows Xp, it was wasy to change the log on screen using Resource Hacker Software. What about windows 7, I will tell u how to do that.Windows 7 has a very good log on screen, but it can not please u every time when u log on, I thought that it could be easily changed as it was easy in XP. So, I tried Resource Hacker called reshack to change it. As in windows XP, changing of logscreen was very easy as one had to open the Logonui.exe located in system32 folder Of Windows, after this one had to expand the logonui.exe file in Reshack and to locate the logon screen of the windows and then, replace that file with ur choice.

I tried to change the log on screen using the same. But I was surprised to see that logonui.exe did not had the logon screen file.

I tried to locate the way to change it. Now, I have succeeded in it and I want to share it with U. Obviously, I have not invented the way, I came to know about the way, I decided to share it with you as my blog should contains all the matter related to computer. But my other posts are all my invention, u could find many of them in other blogs also, but u can easily see that their is something different in my posts.

Now, let get back to work. Windows 7 prevents change of logon screen through a Registry Setting.Now, it is the time for some registry editing.

Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in run.

Expand the root ket HKLM.Select the key Software.

Expand This Software Key. Select The Key Microsoft. Exapnd it. Under its subkeys, select the subket names Windows and expand it. Under the subkeys of Windows select its subket named Currentversion. Expand this key. Now u have to select a subkey named Authentication and then expand the key.

Now here is the key named logonui. Expand it.Now select the key named background.

If ur computer does not has the kay names OEMBackground fallow these steps

1) Right Click The empty space in the Registry Editor’s right pane space.

2) Select the  option new.

3) Select the option  bit dword value.

4) A new value will be formed. rename this ti OEMBackground and set its value to 1.

If ur computer has this key but its value is zero then right click this value abd select modify and in value box that appears write 1.

Now u have completed First Step.

Open a Foder by typing its address in run as shown.

Now a foler will be opened to you. U Need to create a New Folder here named “Info”. Open this Info folder.

Now U are again required to create a new folder here named “backgrounds”. Type with the same name but without quotes.

open this backgrounds folder. Paste the image that u want to use here. REMEMBER, the pic should be an .jpg file with size less than 225 kb.

Rename the pasted file as “backgroundDefault”.

Now if u have done everything correctly, open the windows task manager by pressing Alt, Ctrl and Delete at the same time. It will lead u to a window having security options with ur selected image.