Have U downloaded the windows 7 from torrents ? I am sure U have downloaded Ultimate version of Windows 7. But what if u have managed to get the genuine key of Windows 7 Home Basic Or Premium through the sticker located at the back side of your friend’s Dell, Sony or Lenovo laptop. Through the image that u downloaded from torrent will always install Windows 7 Ultimate. I will tell U how to use that image to serve that purpose.

Firstly, U need to have an disk image  editing software like MajicIso. Open the downloaded image through that software. OPen the sources folder located inside the disk. Locate the file named ei.cfg. delete this file. Save the edited image.

Now, burn that modified image on a blank dvd.

This time, Windows Installer wil ask to select the version of Windows To Install as u have deleted the default file for installation. If U want that the disk u burned should serve like a special version installer like Home Basic or Home Primium, simply select the ei.cfg file witd notepad and change the [EditionID].