Are u a java programmer then I am sure u Hate most every time opening the notepad writng the whole program and then save it .java extension if u use Notepad to program. Now, Let me help u to remove this step from your programming procedure.

When u right click on the background u see a lot of options. If u select the new option, u see a number of shortcuts to create the file with required extension. For example, I want to create a java file to be created from the right clicking new option. I will tell u how to do that.

Open the registry editor.

Expand the key HKCR, and select the extension of the file u want to be created from the right click’s new option. For Example I want to create a .java file. So I selected the key .java as shown.

Now expand this key. U will see a two subkeys, named PersistentHandler and shellnew. Expand the shellnew .

U Need to create a two subkeys here.

1st one is NullFile which is a sting value. Do Not add anything to its value.

2nd one is ItemName which is Expandable String Value.

Change its value to @%SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe,-470.

Now U Need to Log Off to see the changes.