So, Are U missing the Run option that used to appear in the Windows Xp.

Yes, I missed it too, I searched for it and now I got a way to do it, so I am here to share the way with U.Run Option is a great tool. It can be used to do a lot of things like running of your applications from your desktop, U can instantly reach to your location by typing its address in the run option, U can also run dos commands through it. So, it can be said that U should really miss it. Now I have some screenshots to make it more  easier for u.

Now U can see the options here. U are to select the properties option here.

After U have selected the customize option U will see an another window prompted up. U Need to scroll down through this Window to reach to the screen shows as-

Put the cheak mark before the run command highlighted in the screen shot to see the run option in Start Menu OPtions.