Have U heard a name like this “Reliability Monitor”. So, What is it and what does ot do. It is One of the best fatures of the window 7 but alas, u have not heared its name……….So, There is no need to think over it as I am going to tell u about this.

It is one og the  Performance Monitor that Microsoft includes it in Windows since the earliest days of NT, but in Windows Vista, Microsoft debuted an amazing new utility, the Reliability Monitor, that records everything about ur computer , ever since the first day you booted. U can access the Reliability Monitor  by typing relia into Start Menu Search.
Now u will see the first option as “View Reliability History”. After selecting this, A application will be opened to u called reliabilty monitor. Here U can see that Windows keeps records of everything like the problems rised, time when ur computer was not shut down properly, the problems related to your computer. A screenshot of “reliability Monior of my computer is shown as
It also shows that why the performance level of your computer has decreases and it also provides good steps to solve it .