Administrator’s Account is locked by default in Windows 7. If  U want to enable the administrator’s account in Windows 7, you have to unlock this account. I am here to tell u the way..Microsoft has locked Administrator’s Account in Windows Vista and 7 to provide better security to users. I am sure U know how to remove the any user’s password through Administrator’s Account in Safe Mode In Windows Xp. So, if some one does not has access to Administrator’s Account, how he is going to remove the password. Okay, lets come to point………

To Unlock the adminstrator’s account, write secpol.msc in Run Command.

A screen will be opened to u like this.

As shown in the Windows select the Local Policies Under The Security Settings. In the sub menu of Local Polices, U are required to select the Security Options. Then, In right pane of the Local Security Policy Editor,a  lot of settingss will appear to U. The top one gives the way. By Default, Admin account is locked so it will be displayed as Disabled, U are only required to change this option to enable the admin account.