I have seen many people saying that they hate only one thing in Windows 7 which is the secure desktop prompting for the granting permission to change a setting or granting an application permission to make change to their computer. There is a way through which u can remove this.U are required to visit the control panel for this. Open the action Center.Now, a new window will be opened in front of U. U are required to select the option of Change User Account Control Settings.

Now, When U have Selected this option A new windows will be opened to U like this.

U Are only required to move the slider according to your wish. If U select “Never Notify”, It will really never notify U about anything.

U are always free to change this setting according to your wish.

But According to me, it would be better if u leave it at the Windows,  as it will notify u about anything that tries to make some changes to your computer, so making it more secure.

If u are really annoyed by this type of notifications, U can change it.