Are U one of the XP’s power users that loved the Command Prompt and its use. Then,I guess you about the trick of  opening command prompt in at the current folder by right clicking on the foder through the use of some simple registry editing. Now, I am here to present U a same trick for Windows 7 but WITHOUT THE USE OF REGISTRY EDITING.Lets Have a look on what U see in simple.

See, in the above picture U see the normal options that U generally see. Windows 7 is the best windows after all. U can see the hidden options bt a great but very simple trick. All that U require is only pressing a key.

Yes,  press and hold the shift key and then right click the on the folder, U will see Ur wish. I am giving a screen shot of what U will see after right clicking.

Now, U can see the Option Open Command Prompt Window Here withot any sort of registry editing.

So, How was the trick ?