If U are using Windows Xp, then my pevious post would not help U at all. My previous post was about how to open command prompt from the option that appear to U at the right clicking a folder in Windows 7 without any registry editong. But as U are using Windows Xp, then it is understood that U must do some registry editing to accompalish this work.Really it is vey helpful to you sometimes that U open Command Prompt at the right click. As I told U Xp involves a registry trick to implement this. Let me give U the trick.

OPen the registry editor.

Locate the key in registry named HKCR/Directory as shown in screenshot.

Now, U are required to expand this key. In its expansion, U will see several keys, but U are required to select only shell subkey. After selecting it, expand it and create a new key under shell subkey named cmdhere.Change its default value to the name that U want to appear in the right clicking that will cause the Command Prompt to run. After this U are required to create a subkey named command under the key cmdhere. Change its default value to

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k cd “%1”.

and refresh the registry.

U will see like