Have U ever thought that when U select something to copy, then how does the computer remembers that this thing is to be pasted ? Its reason is Clip Board. So, lets come and see waht exactly this clipboard is ?When we copy something like text, or photo, it gets stored in a temporary but invisible portion of memory called clipboard. It is possible to access this clipboard through some scripts, that’s why it is said that U should never copy your password or other personal information as it could be accessed by hackers while browsing the internet.

It was easy for Urself too see what is stored in the clipboard in Windows Xp, but U can’t do it in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Here is the way how U can see thi sin Windows XP.

Write in the Run Command “clipbrd.exe” without quotes and press enter. Now, U have the access to the clipboard.

Yes, it is also possible in Vista and 7 but it requires other software like the software called clipmajic to access the clip board.