Recently, Something terrible happened to my computer. After the boot screen of the Windows 7, my computer used to get restart. Really, It became a headache for me. Soo, I came to know that C drive of my computer was corrupted, so the Windows was not able to boot up properly. I decided to reinstall the Windows to my computer, but again a problem came to me. I did not had the dvd drive in my computer. I searched for other ways to install. I found a list a of steps to fallow to make the pen drive bootable. but,I am a lazy guy, I decided to go for other way.I got the way and now I am here to give U the way.

U need to have a pen drive of size of 4 gb or greater.

And of course a system with motherboard supporting booting from other devices like Pen Drive.

Open the cmd. Goto  the loction in your computer where U have copied the contents of the Windows 7 dvd. Now, U have various folder ere. Open the boot folder by typing

cd boot

in cmd.

Now, type

BOOTSECT.EXE  /NH60 drive name:

whaere drive name is the drive letter of ur pen drive.

U need to have administartive privilage to do this.

After this step, just copy all the contents to your Pd.

Now, U can boot from this Pen Drive.