Today, almost everyone is using the Windows 7, it does not matters that whether he/she uses Geuine Window or not, but uses Windows 7. After a freshly installed Windows 7, U can see that the size of Icons in Windows 7 is quite large as compared to the size of the Icons in Windows Xp. Though, it could be changed  by the deep inside the Personalise OPtion but limited to a certain extent. Now, leaving the laptops that support multiple touch support in their touchpad, I am here to tell U a way to decrease the size of Icons acc to your wish

This simple trick involves simply pressing  a key.

You are only required to press and the Ctrl key and then move the scroll key of your mouse up if U want to increase the size the Icons, and move it down, if U want to decrease the size of the Icons.

I was surprised to see that the google chrome browser’s window can also be zoomed in and out through the same procedure. U can try youeself.