A true computer genius knows all about commands of Command Prompt. You can guess its importance by the fact that though a better Graphical User Interface is being provided by the Microsoft in Windows but still Windows have Command Prompt in it. It enables you a lot of tricks by creating batch files, some hacking also. I am not going to tell you how you can use Command Prompt for hacking but I am here to tell you how to have a good command at Command Prompt. I will tell U way how U can get the complete information about a command in Cmd.

Command Prompt needs a lot of your memory so that you can easily remember many commands of the Command Prompt. It has a lot of Commands that need to be used and practiced by you. Now, first thing that you must know for having a good command over command prompt is of course is the list of commands that Command Prompt provides.

You can get it by typing only help in the command prompt.It will give the list of commands.

Secondly, you need to select a command that you want to know. For example, I want to know about net command. It is a great command whose utility I will tell you some other day. So, I want to know about net command, I will write “help net” in the command Window. Sometimes the help section of the particular command is quite large. Then, it becomes quite painful to see all the details of a particular command. For this, there is also a way, you need to write

help command-name |more

After all if you feel lazy to type then I have something for you.

You need to write “commad-name /?”

That’s all my friend.

And of course, do not forget about Internet, the Ultimate Knowledge Source, you will get more from here than the command Window.

Keep Learning…………………………