If by mistake you took my last post seriously about learning the commands of the command prompt, then you really do not need to read this stuff. I was searching something in google, I visited a blog where the author had written about “MATRIX COMMAND PROMPT”, it was a catchy headline, I visited the article, the author told about the green window of the matrix movie and he provided a bat file where he changed the font color and generated some random number. It was really a miss. Okay I am here to tell you how to give a new life to your cmd if you love working with it.

There is a command called color incommand prompt used to change the color of the fonts in Command Prompt. From help menu of the color command you can get the color codes.

For example if you write

color 1

it will change the white font color to blue.

After trying all the color codes you can get the one you like. But this is not enough, you can change the background color too.

For this, you need to right click the title bar of the Command Prompt. From here you need to select its properties.

From the properties windows that will be opened, U need to select the colors tab.

Here, u will see the Screen Background, Select the desired background color.

Congratulations, you have given your Cmd a new look.