Yes, You got it right. I am here to tell  you the way how to download from Hotfile, Fileserve, Megaupload and many more sharing sites as a premium user. Let me tell you how exactly this works..

These shring sites have two kind of scripts. These scripts are responsible for the separate treatment of free user and premium user. But there is one thing we miss out. All the file are stored on server who does not know who is free or who is premium. So there are some sits that fool the server and make the links directly to the files that are requested by their users. So, is it not good to make fool these money-minded site owner that intend to exploit us in the name of better speed and resume capability if the file. So, please do generate the link.

Just click on the fallowing  link and you will be taken to a pege where you will be able to make them foolsby making premium links. Do not worry about breaking of your download frim the link generated, as I told you you will be able to resume the download in the next 12 hours after you made a request to generate premium account.

Click here!

Yeah, I got another one for you and believe me it is better than above. See it yourelf.

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This site provides torrent leeching only on the condition that you buy the premium account.

Or, If you get only registered not having the premium account,On a day, you can leech 500 mbs. you get a traffic of 8000 mb in 3 days if you get registered. Rest is up to you only.

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Well, there are many others. I got two more.

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