Have you downloaded a Game, a Dvd from hosting sites ? These sites support a limited size of files to be uploaded. So, one can’t upload a file of size more than 200 mb. So, many of us break the large files into pieces and then upload it. Now, here comes the problem, almost all of you know how to divide the files into pieces using Winrar that had the formats of .rar, .r01. .r02 etc. Now, you may come across the files that have the extension iso.001, .iso.002 and so on. What about them, Let me give the solution.

There is a utility called Hjsplit. It is a very small program that could help you to break and recombine the large files. For recombining you need to have the .iso.001 file. If the other files are there in the same directory then it will automatically add them to its index and it will recombine to give you fully usable .iso file.

You can download it from here.

So, Got it !!!!