I belong to a middle class family. I do not get enough pocket money but for sure it is enough to get the Docomo GPRS recharge or Reliance GPRS recharge. I got a friend of mine that has got Idea Net Setter and he spends every month 750 to use the Idea GPRS. I was getting good speed in Reliance GPRS but I was thinking that it may harm my mobile. I use the Sony Ericsson j105i, so called the Naite, The Green Heart Phone. It is a nice phone.

Oh Sorry ! Lets come to the point. I managed to get an Idea Net Setter with the help of my younger brother. When I got it, I was feeling good and bad too. I was feeling good because I had got the thing I wanted, but at the same time, I was feeling bad because the guy to which Net Setter actully belonged had taken out the slip located at the back of the Net Setter that contained IMEI number of the modem. But, I found a way and I am here to give you a way without paying a single coin for unlocking.

I will start with the way I got the IMEI number. Firstly, I tried to google it, I found a way that was just ridiculous, my computer just hanged to get the modem details.  But I could not get that.

After it I switched to the software provided by Net setter itself. You just need to click on the Tools options on the toolbar and then select the Diagnostics option from the submenu that comes up. You will get the IMEI number of your modem.

Until now, I was successful to get the IMEI number of the modem, but I had to unlock it.

I will give a link and just click it enter your IMEI number and you will unlock your modem.

Listen, there is one more thing that I want to tell you, in the page that will open to you, you will not see any mention of the Huawei EG162g, I mean they have not mentioned that they could generate a code to unlock the EG162g Modem, but still the generated code works.

So, there is no need to worry and you can go on.

Click Here.