Have you ever came across the a batch file. I am talking about the files with .bat files. Yeah, on right click, they have a option of EDIT. you ca edit them as you wish when you know what are these actully. It will be fun !

In my opinion, the inventor of the .bat files would been a lazy guy. I have a reason to say that. These files are actually a list of the dos commands if you see clearly. These commands get executed one by one without the executors’ interfere. If you are very familiar with the DOS, you sorely know about .bat files. Sometimes, it really gets very boring task to write the whole commands one by one on the Command Prompt to execute them and then get your work done.

The .bat files here come to rescue the user. If you type all the commands that you want to execute like a list and save them with the extension .bat, then on just running this file you will be able to execute that list of commands without typing each command to get execute.

If you come across a new bat file, do see the source code because these files are executable in nature and can really make a headache by making your computer restart as soon as you start computer or it can create a thousands of folders in a veit ry short time and you will have to MANUALLY delete each folder to get your work done. In short, they can harm you computer, so, do see the source code then execute it by confirming that it would not harm you.