No, not at all ! I am not here to recommend you a java mobile application shit, it requires a lot of time copy, paste and a lot of searching on the net but do not getting any kind of result. I will tell you a simple trick to how to read the pdf file in your S40 phone like Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

It was very hard to beleive for me that Sony has provided pdf and real media support for other phones at the same price of Naite. I tried to find a way to read pdf files. I daily waste my 2 hours on my way to my college but from last 3 days, I am utilising them. Okay, There are some prerequisite for this trick.

1st- Opera mini that has page saving capacity ( You can get any version from

2nd – Having Internet Connection on your phone. Now, if you have that, we can proceed.

The trick is to upload a file on you g-mail coount and whn you need it you can see it as html. I am proving you screen shots to help you a lot.

This screenshot is of my mobile Naite. Here , I am telling you the ways to go the basic html view. On selecting it, the new page that will come up would be changed as you can see.

After choosing basic html you will come across a window that will have computer like touch.

I have sent a mail to myself having a pdf file. I will now open it.

For security reasons, I have edited the picture to hide the name of the file and to hide my e-mail. If you want to me contact me, just post a comment here, I will mail you. Anyways…

Ahh ! I didn’t notice that file was in hindi. A big mistake ! Anyways this trick works fine and you can see and let me tell you.


My Phone does not supports hindi fonts, so I will not post next screenshot to disappoint me bas this trick works. I once uploaded my presentation .docx file to prepare it in the college bus.

Good luck.