Well, If you have ever tried to connect to another computer with telnet or have build an online  custom Linux Distro , you would have to open a port manually, so that you can connect to it. Ports can be said as a virtual doors through which we can communicate to other networks, be it a LAN or the internet. Mostly all applications have got their default port numbers so that they can communicate to internet or LAN. Your computer can face very typical problems if two internet based programs try to communicate through the same port number. I intend to write an article to make a custom Linux Distro in soft way, opening a port is a prerequisite there. So, here it is.

 A computer has got 65536 ports or simply virtual doors. Ports play an very important role in communicating over the network. If you are very new to hacking, then to hack a computer you will need to first find an open port to connect with the target computer. Why do we need ? Beacuse all the ports are locked by the windows firewall by default. As you install a program that uses a particular port, a entry in done in firewall to allow that program to communicate to internet or it opens the desired port of the program. If you want to create your own Linux Distro by the soft way, then you need to open a port to online test the your OWN developed distro.

Here are the steps with the screen shots.

Open Control Panel by typing control in the Run Command.( You can open it by other way, but I like short cuts so…)

Well, I expect that you have opened the Control Panel. Now select the Windows Firewall and open it. I am not going to put the screenshot for it.

Now, you have something like it.

Now, you need to open the second last option in left hand side. It is  “Advanced Setting” that has a shield sign before it. Open it and now you have a new Advanced Settings Window. In the Window that comes up next, you need to select outbound rules as shown.

Now, you need to select the new rule option on the right hand side top corner. After you have opened it, you would have a window like this.

Of course, you need to select a port to open. If you have some problems with torrent clients, you can add that program to firewall list, so that it would not block that program and you can go on, for this you need to select program. Since, we are here to learn how to open a port sp, lets select port and hit next. Now, you have something like this.

Now, select the type of connection your port will have. If I were you, I would have been woth TCP. In the second, you need to specify whether you want to open all ports, specific port or a series of ports. Tp select all, select thge first option. To open a particular, just specify the port number like 843. To open a series you need to type like 843-850. Then Hit Next.

Now, select the first option as you want to allow communication through this port. Hit next. Now, this time , Window will ask you to select the type of network that you want to access owth this port.

 Hit next, Next has not been shown in the screen shot but it has been opened. Now in the next wondow, you ned to name this ew rulee. I will name it by a number name so that I can easily see the rule and remember it and when my work has finished I will delete this rule.

Now, you have successfully opened a port. Well, creating your own Linux Distro by soft or easy way would be discussed in the next article. It would be done online, and for testing it you will need a open port so, I told you this.

Have a good day.