Well, I like to get my e-mail alerts on my mobile phone. I like to get informed as soon as I get an e-mail. There are many solutions available like creating a feed and using it in the google sms groups. But I am not convinced with this method. If you made even a small and simple mistake of leaving an cheak box cheaked, then Congrats, you would give almost everyone on this world a chance to know about your username and password. I would like to discuss a simple and secure way to do this.

 You must have heard of SMS gateway service provider website. In simple terms, I can say that they allow you to send SMS for free. You would need an account on one of them. You can go with way2sms.com, site2sms.com but not with 160by2.com. They provide SMS support but not E-mail alterts service. So, lets get started. Fallow these steps.

1)  Have an account with one of the mentioned site. I will provide screenshots for the way2sms.com. On your dashboard, you would have a part of the page like this.

2)  When you have clicked G-Mail icon, then the page that you will see would be somewhat like this. You need to switch to Mail – Alerts tab.

3)  Since, you have clicked at the Mail Alerts tab. You have something like this. Here you will not see the phone number. Anyways, click on the activate to go on.

4)  After you have clicked, you need to enter the details as per your wish. After this you would see the details that you have entered till now. It will expire in next 14 days. Don’t panic, I will tell you something about this.

5) After you have activated your email alerts account. It is the time to join your gmail account with this. As shown in the picture, You need to click on the link that tells you about joining your gmail account with your way2sms account.

After this a window would pop up and provide you the all details required to go on. I have tell you this much as it is the core part.  🙂

Now, I am giving the instructions to move forward on your own.

  1. Copy the e-mail that is written in the page. For Example : 123456789@way2sms.com. For simplicity, it is written in blue.
  2. Login to your gmail account, go to settings and then to forwarding settings.
  3. Enable forwarding, it is disabled by default.
  4. You will need to send paste the email that you just copied in the field that wants you to enter the address where you want to forward the email.
  5. It will try to verify that this belongs to you. Way2sms would SMS you on your phone if you had entered that email correctly.
  6. Pick up your phone, see the SMS by way2sms and write the verification page in the required place.

After you have fallowed this tutorial, you will have an SMS alert on your mobile phone for each new email.

Now comes the problem of expiry, it will not go. you would have to activate this service manully after it has been expired, but it is still good than to pay some money.
Isn’t it ?
By the way. If you are facing any kind of problem. Just ping us by commenting. We would reach you. 🙂