Linux…. I have listened somewhere, ” IF YOU WANT TO UNLEASH THE TRUE POWER OF COMPUTER, USE LINUX “. There are many people afraid of linux. They do not want to leave Windows. Well, Everyone has a choice and we must respect it. If you know little about linux, then first thing you must think of which distro should you use. Distro ? Distro = Linux Distribution. Of all the debian based, redhat and suse based Linux Distributon, I will recommend you to go with Fedora. It is easy to learn and supports everything. But still, If you have a different opinion you can go on with that. Here, I want to tell you how to make your own Linux Distro. Before contiuing to learn, I wnat you to learn how to open a port manually in WIndows 7 as you would have to open it.

So, here are the steps to have a showoff for having a linux distro of your own.
  1. Log on to Sign in or create your account, you can login through facebook, gmail, yahoo id and many more.
  2. After your sign up, you will be transferred to their homepage. Look for the option “Create New Appliance” on the right top corner of the home page.
  3. Now, you will need to choose the base for your appliance. ( Appliance = Linux Distro). If you are not much into Linux, I would recommend to not to tinker with this part as you have got two more parts where you can spend you mind. They are deciding the name and architecture (32 and 64 bit) of your OS.
  4. After you have completed the first step of giving your OS a identity and the architectureal base. It is time to enrich it more. In the given below screen shot, you will see that you are being provided a facility of enriching your OS. You can customize its desktop view, packages and even you can upload your custom scripts.
  5. I want you to learn not to copy me, So, I will just tell you how you can add more packages in your OS. I assume that you can handle graphicl management by yourself.
  6. As you can see your work is lot easier. You just need to pick up the package and include it in the package group. You can search for the one that you require. It will get you a list of that related packages. Just select before it to set it to get installed.

I have told you every minimal set of information that you will need to nake a OS of your own. After creating the OS, you would have to build it, if you want that your build should kept, then you would have to make it public by releasing it. Before releasing you would have to certify it by the organiztion you work with. Don’t worry, they are not sending a mail to confirm that you work there or not. Let me tell you something to you so that you can get somewhat more experimental with it.

  1. Unlike Windows, Linux has got a lot of varites in desktop managers. Some of them are Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE. You can get all of them from searching. Try it and enjoy differnent faces of Linux.
  2. The kernel package is necessary in the Linux OS. So, if you try to remove all the packages and try to made a distro totally by your own, then, be careful, you might face diffculty and some problems so, do not remove the kernel package.
  3. The SELinux Firewall is also an necessary package so try not to remove it.
  4. You should not include more than one kernel package.
  5. The root must have a password, so it will be better and to have a password and let me REMIND you. Unlike WIndows, Linux MUST have two user accounts. One root ad other a normal user and DO NOT try to see what happens if you included only root user and removed the other. If you will do so. you willl be choked at the login window.
  6. For testing, After your build has been completed, you will be provided an option to have a test drive it. Test Drive will try to connect your computer’s port number 843 and if it is not open, it may not run. You will have to open that.
Good Luck !