I have been through the very rough time during these days. today worst, I took revenge on my computer by showing him what a coder can do.  Actually, you can find the much more better description over the fork bomb in the wikipedia. But let me cover this. Fork Bomb is the smallest virus that can hurt you a lot.  Virus are made to compromise your system integrity and try to stop your computer from performing normal. So, lets started.

A fork Bomb uses Recursion technique to call itself and consume all the resources of the computer like RAM, Processor. It is based on the assumption that there is a limit for a computer for maximum number of processes and Apllications.

So, I will try to show the code of the Bomb I created. It was one of my first such codes, so obviously, I wanted that whoever detonates it on himself, must know that it was created for me. And other thing that I do not wanted that this program was based on the batch file and I do not wanted user to be known to the face that he is running a Batch file. So, I managed for an Bat to Exe converter that allowed me to add custom icon to the program and make the Batch File Screen (Black Cmd Window invisible) . I used VBScript for the prompts that I created it.

Lets get started with Prompts.

First thing that I wanted to know the victim know that I created this. For this, you need to create A create a simple VBScript.

Open Notepad

And Write

                   MsgBox "Created By GrV" .

GrV is my code name, you can go with the one you like. Save it with .vbs extension. And double click the file where you saved it. You would get a prompt like this.

My first task was completed. Secondly, You can add more prompts to make user confused over what is going on. But listen, if you will send this to me. Your first prompt will be enough for me to choke this program. But the fact is if you started bomb at the instant i opened it.  It would have been quite difficult to manage it in windows without prior preparation.

So, lets come to Cmd section. I would like to tell you the basic term %0 that we would use in the bomb.

Create a batch file and only command that you put there, make it

                     echo %0

save it with .bat extension and run it in CMD. You will find out.

I made a batch file with name dvd and lets see what i got after running it.

As you can see, %0 denotes the name of the file you are running. And one thing more, I would like to tell you about the “|” sign. Lets again nake a batch file having fallowing command at its core.

          notepad | calc

and save it with the name you want. Execute it and then you will be able to get the starting of two processes. calculator and Notepad.

So, | sign lets you execute two process simultanesously.

Now, you are ready to go to main bomb.

Since, I changed this batch file to exe file. I needed to change the it somewhat. I needed something to be present that could make you see what is going on.  Ok. Let go to code.

It is the batch file for the bomb code.



That’s all one %0 will call a again this batch file and that would call 6 more and hence 6 cmd. So, the computer would be choked up fastly.

Or you can go on with

            goto label
2nd one is not that effective as I liked the first one more. It is fast.

Finally, I changed this bat file to exe through that software. Changed the icon and changed the working directory to the Temporary location. One thing I forgo t to metion that how would you call the prompts.

So, consider a tree holding the structure of the Code.

-Call coder's Name
-Call other prompts
-call the fork exe
              -Start cmd
              -Start Call Fork.exe  6 times

So, I think you got the hint.

I can wish you luck only.

If you really liked the post and created a fork bomb. Compress it to a Rar format and e-mail me. I would like to try your one.

My email id is er.grvtiwari@gmail.com

I welcome your bombs.

Good Luck.