Well ! Certain changes have taken place in my life. Some for extreme good and some for extreme bad. I just wish that it would have been better that none of them would have happened. Now, I am BACK. I use SE Naite J105i. And it is one of the things that I like most. Simply awesome. I can do my nasty experiments on it. I haven’t tried flashing still. But soon, I will go for that. However, there are certain things that I too dislike about my Naite phone. One is its inability to play real media file. I am thinking of writing my own app for that. And Second is, it can’t read PDF files. However, I managed a way for reading a PDF files in it. You can go for that way here. And last thing, it can’t read Hindi fonts. However, I managed to get a way to read Hindi fonts and that’s why I am here sharing it with you. But it has a limitation that you can read the hindi fonts on the operamini only. I haven’t tried it on the Phone’s default browser. Actully, I can’t even remember that when I had used it. 🙂 So lets discuss it.

If you are a good computer user, then you must have tried writing about:config in the URL of the browser and see all the configuration files there. This method also works on the Opera Mini. THe only thing that i do not understand here is why it asks for the Internet Connection when it can display all the setting as other browsers do. It is the default screen of the Opera Mini in my phone.

In the URL section, you need to enter the “about:config” without quotes. And, please make sure to remove http before the address.

As you will enter. you will be asked to provide permission to use network access if you have set the same settings as I have used. Next page will be a set of setting ( HIDDEN), if everything happened as it was assumed.

You got an entire collection of the POWER-USER-SETTINGS. However, the one we need now lies at the bottom of the page. Lets move there.

This settings simple means that the fonts that your phone can’t understnad will be taken as a images and would be read from the Server you are connected to.

So, it definitely

means that is should be YES.

So, changes it ti YES.

I did it. And Hit Save.

Well. If you see a Hindi site, you will see its fonts.

Keep Learning,