Hi there, If you have fallowed my way of installing Fedora Linux on your computer/laptop and have got an dual boot system. I assume that you have installed Fedora after installing Windows. The article simply tells how to edit the boot time options that you get after loading of the GRUB. I will be tell you how to change the timeout for selection of available OS on the computer, and changing the default choice. Let See.

You need to be acquainted with VI editor, because it operates in console mode and it can provide root access to the GRUB files which are needed to be modified in order to change all the settings. However, if you new, no need to worry. Fallow all the instructions and you will definitely end up at right place.

I am a regular user of Fedora Love Lock. I am going to show the options using Fedora only. I want to assume that you are skilled enough that you can open Terminal or Konsole. If you are not, its your headache. If you are, good for you. I am going to continue.

Now, I think that you have access to the terminal on your computer or laptop.  Login as ROOT through su – command.

       su -

Here is the screenshot. 🙂

Now, since you are logged as Root. We need to traverse to boot partition of your hard Drive. I have traversed there. And its the time for you.

Now, you are in the GRUB directory. My Grub folder has certainly got more files than expected. It has a reason (Infact, everything has a reason behind it). My computer has got dual boot. So, when I usually format my C drive to wipe out the Windows, it also wipes out the GRUB loader, so when I again install Windows, it seems that my computer has only got Windows in it but again putting Fedora Love Lock installation DVD in DVD drive tray leads to me installtion of GRUB loader and thus avoiding all the other installation procedure. That’s why you can see a lot of different types of date in the Details. Anyways.

Time to get hands on the VI editor. Type this.

        vi grub.conf

Now, you are in VI text editor that has got all the grub.conf contents over your compter screen. Here is the screenshot after I edited my grub.conf. I am posting it here.

First you need to hit “i” to enter in the INSERT mode.  Then you can simply go on like you want.

Time to tell about the details.

default -> It is the default OS that would be loaded after the timeout. Its value is in numeric. By default it would be 0 corresponding to
           Fedora, But if you want to change the default OS, change the number as I did. Change it to 1.
timeout -> It is time in seconds in which you fail to press a key, default OS would be loaded. If you want to keep another OS in secret,
           change it value to 0, or want to have more time change it to whatever you want.
title ->   Title thing is the title of OS. If you are looking at your one, you will have a strange name after fedora15. You can always rename
           it to whatever you want. I changed it to Fedora Love Lock. And here, where you see Windows 7, it would be written as Other.
           Change it. Its your computer. :)

Now, After you are done. Hit Escape key and simply write.


It would save your file and will quit.

Now, restart your computer to see the changes.

Good Luck.