Yes. It is definitely possible. I have to do it some times to know whether my mail has been read by the dearest receiver or not. However, its result are quite true. I will show a screenshot of the result.  There are many websites availble that would do the job for you for some money and some for free.  Before taking help of a free website, I researched a bit to know the working of the method I am going to tell you. I have read it somewhere that fake Ankit Fadia tells about this method in his costly seminars. I am not a big fan of him. I belive in original reserch and try to go on with it. Lets get over with it. 

Let me explain this in a bit different way. Suppose you own a web server. You are owner of a very good web site that provides free content like images/music/games etc. What information can you collect when someone logs on to your web site ? His IP address, date, time, browser info, OS info. It is the base of the E-mail status tracker.

Now, let me imagine that I own a web server and I run the web site that tracks the status of you E-mail. I would like to gain certain parameters from you to exactly identify that this mail was Mr. Dev’ s or it belongs to someone else.  First thing that I will collect when you log on to my web site is your IP. I will ask for your E-mail ID ( to tell you that your mail has been read ), your E-mail’s Subject (To tell you that ‘THIS’ mail has been read ). I will ask you to select a image from a set of images. When you select that image, I would simply run a script to allocate  you an User ID and then store your information to my web server and after generating a simple HTML code for that image I will ask you to copy that image and then paste it into your E-Mail Body.

When the reader would open that E-mail, that image would be loaded from my server, I will come to know that the image having ‘this’ code which has been associated to Mr. Dev has been loaded. This simply means that E-mail has been read. I will mail you that your e-mail has been read from this IP, This OS, This Browser. Have a look at the mail that I received when I took the help of

Simply again, I removed the Subject Title, Removed some part of the my IP and Reciver’s IP due to security issues. But sill if you are an expert, by looking at the IP part still given, you can tell that receiver’s IP belongs to BSNL or National Internet Backbone. I can see the time, OS and browser. But still the method hs got some problems with it.

1st ) It does not works on mobile. If receiver opens the E-mail in his mobile without shifting to basic HTML view, you are never going to know that E-mail has been read.

2nd ) Since, it employs simple loading of the image trick, if not coded properly, server would not be able to get that the E-mail has been read by the Receiver or checked by Sender to read the message.  However, to solve this problem, server also record Sender’s IP assuming that you hold Fixed IP. So, it means that if you hold n dynamic IP and visited your Outbox to know what you had written, you can get a self-opened warning or a fake reciver’s opening mail.

3rd ) It you own a very slow internet like me, this part is for you. Your bandwidth can’t afford new looks of G-Mail and simply you need to go with boring Gmail’s basic HTML view, when you paste that image in your E-mail, the image would not be copied, that structure in Gmail does not offers including HTML in the mail body. So, you somehow need to get to new look of Gmail.

4th) You may think that including HTML content could teleport your Mail to the SPAM’s folder of the Reciver.  It is possible. Most of the spam filtering techniques detect presence of more than one links in the mail, so if it has only one image, chances are very less for your mail to land in SPAM folder.

It is the simple method through which you can know that whether your mail has been read or not.

You can go to to get an tracker in your Mail.

It is never fun to do stuff like this, but sometimes you need to do it, not for yourself, but benefit and well being of your loved ones.

Good Luck.