Well, it had been a very long long time since I posted or said anything on my first blog. Yeah. First blog. I have many plans in my insane mind. Some are working like a charm and some are waiting in isolation for their execution. I am here to say few words,. (Ok. I am not the guy who can be satisfied with just a bunch of good sentences either being said or listened, so I am thinking of posting a lot. ūüôā ).¬†First¬†time in the last 1 year, it is the first personal update. It means simply that I would be¬†scratching¬†some of my personal details and progress around here. So, Here is my word.

First of all, I owe you a Happy New Year. I was very busy at that moment with my exams and all. Its been late but not too late. ūüôā

Secondly, You may have seen I got a kinda knack over Programming. With this knack, I have progressed and been able to make my way into a C programming web site as an Administrator. Site is MyCFiles. Well, the site’s main aim is to provide you a ready made solutions to a lot of programming problems that you face regularly. Well, it would be better if you get a look at it. So, I think here you got the meaning of my 1st blog.

Last, as per the Programming Knack, I have decided to take a lead on Malicious Coding Series that I am going to start on MyCFiles and as well as here. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time to do develop some kind of dangerous codes that I would be sharing here. As it turns out, I try to do something harsh, destroying, dangerous coding when I am not in good mood or If I have been hurt.  Please note that here I will be sharing my work only, We are a team in MyCFiles. If need to see the codes by others there, better go look at that there.

Well, I have also decided not to restrict myself on C platform only, If I can do the magic job in VBScript/Batch file, I would post it too. And I have a message for all you. If you want t to be a good programmer, first try to be lazy, not in the sense not leaving your bed. Its about writing a code that would tell the computer to do the job. For example, I would like to create a Program/Script for my crush to change the Log In Screen of Windows 7 automatically, you can imagine the¬†awkward¬†condition to tell her all about registry editing and messing up with the system files. She is way smarter than me. ūüôā ¬† ¬†But trust me, noting beats your hand on practice, try to get your code¬†written¬†all over by yourself and try to create a program¬†even¬†for the simplest things. For Example.¬†Sometimes, I do not even like to hit the Start Button and hit the click to shutdown the computer. I prefer to create the shortcut to shutdown.exe to shut up my computer.¬†There¬†are lot of procedures through which you can awaken an uber-programmer in you.

Its time to say farewell. I need your good wishes.

Good Luck