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Yes. I created it. The program if executed correctly, would change all the windows asscoications to the textfile. In simple words, if you will try to open command prompt, or your computer, everything would be treated as the text file and hence would be opened with Notepad. Since, I have coded the program in such a way that it changes all the known extensions to the computer to the text file, even registry editor, system restore (they all are exes, aren’t they?). I have not found a way to restore the system in the inital condition. Hence. I named the program as Curse of Paralysis. I would recommend you to run this program in a Virtual Machine. It all started with my task at Continue reading


Reading Hindi Fonts in J105

Well ! Certain changes have taken place in my life. Some for extreme good and some for extreme bad. I just wish that it would have been better that none of them would have happened. Now, I am BACK. I use SE Naite J105i. And it is one of the things that I like most. Simply awesome. I can do my nasty experiments on it. I haven’t tried flashing still. But soon, I will go for that. However, there are certain things that I too dislike about my Naite phone. One is its inability to play real media file. I am thinking of writing my own app for that. And Second is, it can’t read PDF files. However, I managed a way for reading a PDF files in it. You can go for that way here. And last thing, it can’t read Hindi fonts. However, I managed to get a way to read Hindi fonts and that’s why I am here sharing it with you. But it has a limitation that you can read the hindi fonts on the operamini only. I haven’t tried it on the Phone’s default browser. Actully, I can’t even remember that when I had used it. 🙂 So lets discuss it. Continue reading

Create Your Fork Bomb

I have been through the very rough time during these days. today worst, I took revenge on my computer by showing him what a coder can do.  Actually, you can find the much more better description over the fork bomb in the wikipedia. But let me cover this. Fork Bomb is the smallest virus that can hurt you a lot.  Virus are made to compromise your system integrity and try to stop your computer from performing normal. So, lets started. Continue reading

I an a pure programmer by nature. So, it is obvious that I feel to lazy sometimes to do lengthy manual work to block a site without software.  I originally encountered this kind of program written in C on site Remember what I said, this program was written in C not in C++. The site omitted that how this program blocked the site. This is not my style of writing. I prefer to tell you aboyut the main logic behind the program. I re wrote this program in C++.  Continue reading