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Reading Hindi Fonts in J105

Well ! Certain changes have taken place in my life. Some for extreme good and some for extreme bad. I just wish that it would have been better that none of them would have happened. Now, I am BACK. I use SE Naite J105i. And it is one of the things that I like most. Simply awesome. I can do my nasty experiments on it. I haven’t tried flashing still. But soon, I will go for that. However, there are certain things that I too dislike about my Naite phone. One is its inability to play real media file. I am thinking of writing my own app for that. And Second is, it can’t read PDF files. However, I managed a way for reading a PDF files in it. You can go for that way here. And last thing, it can’t read Hindi fonts. However, I managed to get a way to read Hindi fonts and that’s why I am here sharing it with you. But it has a limitation that you can read the hindi fonts on the operamini only. I haven’t tried it on the Phone’s default browser. Actully, I can’t even remember that when I had used it. 🙂 So lets discuss it. Continue reading


Well, I like to get my e-mail alerts on my mobile phone. I like to get informed as soon as I get an e-mail. There are many solutions available like creating a feed and using it in the google sms groups. But I am not convinced with this method. If you made even a small and simple mistake of leaving an cheak box cheaked, then Congrats, you would give almost everyone on this world a chance to know about your username and password. I would like to discuss a simple and secure way to do this. Continue reading

No, not at all ! I am not here to recommend you a java mobile application shit, it requires a lot of time copy, paste and a lot of searching on the net but do not getting any kind of result. I will tell you a simple trick to how to read the pdf file in your S40 phone like Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

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