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Create Your Fork Bomb

I have been through the very rough time during these days. today worst, I took revenge on my computer by showing him what a coder can do.  Actually, you can find the much more better description over the fork bomb in the wikipedia. But let me cover this. Fork Bomb is the smallest virus that can hurt you a lot.  Virus are made to compromise your system integrity and try to stop your computer from performing normal. So, lets started. Continue reading


All of us want to hide some files, movies and the stuff we want from others. Many of us make the attributes of the file as hidden and make it invisible through the folder options. But every computer user knows it. I know on using other’s computer almost all of us enable showing hidden files to see what secret content he has, Don’t you ? But there exists a trick with which you can hide your content from others.  Let me give you that……….

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A help On Command Prompt

A true computer genius knows all about commands of Command Prompt. You can guess its importance by the fact that though a better Graphical User Interface is being provided by the Microsoft in Windows but still Windows have Command Prompt in it. It enables you a lot of tricks by creating batch files, some hacking also. I am not going to tell you how you can use Command Prompt for hacking but I am here to tell you how to have a good command at Command Prompt. I will tell U way how U can get the complete information about a command in Cmd.

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Hide Your Files in jpg file

Yes, I know you have seen this in other blogs too, so what is new here. Let me tell you, all other blog writers intend to give you simply a trick that they knew but here I intend to give the reason behind these tricks. I will tell you the reason that why this command resulted in this way. So, Are you ready to know how you can hide your files in a photo.

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Is it possible to remove the password of a user account without knowing its current password. YES, It is possible with command prompt. I am sure that u have read this type of post in various blogs. So, what is new here. Okay, I am going to tell you that it is possible for windows 7 also. Continue reading