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Well, my best friend was shortlisted for Microsoft Recruitment Test via Amcat. He is very good in academics and is currently dwelling deep into android world. Well, we are still expecting a positive result. In the test, he was given two programs, one of which was a pattern, and, other was to insert an element into an sorted circular list. Well, For many days, it was in my mind to make this program, so I finally set out to make it. Here it is. In the program I have assumed that the list may or may not be sorted, so I had to sort the list by my own in the first place.

I am using eclipse Juno and MinGW compiler at the core, and I do not know why it is facing some problem in executing printf and scanf statements in the sequential order. The assumed soltuion is to add a “fflush(stdout);” statement next to printf statement. The statement does what it looks to do, it flushes the output stream buffer. If you are going to use some other compiler/IDE, I think you wont be needing that statement. Well, here is the program. Continue reading


Yes. I created it. The program if executed correctly, would change all the windows asscoications to the textfile. In simple words, if you will try to open command prompt, or your computer, everything would be treated as the text file and hence would be opened with Notepad. Since, I have coded the program in such a way that it changes all the known extensions to the computer to the text file, even registry editor, system restore (they all are exes, aren’t they?). I have not found a way to restore the system in the inital condition. Hence. I named the program as Curse of Paralysis. I would recommend you to run this program in a Virtual Machine. It all started with my task at Continue reading

Well, I am under the study of the Assembly language and I seriously hope that I would be able to complete it this time. I have a very bad habit of leaving everything unfinished, most of my best friends hate me for this. I am seriously considering leaving this habit. Well, as the book contains some programming problems that I need to do to make sure that I am learning to code too. I will be posting about the problems that I find bit different. It is the first installment of this series. Problem is simple, you need to enter a character and without using any of the topper and to lower function you need to change the case of the character entered. Seems simple huh ? No. It is not because another part says no tinkering with the ASCII value, you need to apply some of the ignorant concepts that you have read and ignored like hell. You need to temper with the bits of the character. So, here is the thing. Continue reading

It all started when I had to give a presentation over Operating System Security. I had decided to give some demonstrations too. It was one of them. Though I won’t say that it was some kind of hacking because seriously I do not believe and term registry editing as hacking. Yes. Windows stores all of the settings in the Windows Registry as a database of settings.  So, basically, you just need the right key and obviously a tool to edit/create/modify these settings and BANG, you computer can be in serious trouble. So here is the program. Continue reading

I an a pure programmer by nature. So, it is obvious that I feel to lazy sometimes to do lengthy manual work to block a site without software.  I originally encountered this kind of program written in C on site Remember what I said, this program was written in C not in C++. The site omitted that how this program blocked the site. This is not my style of writing. I prefer to tell you aboyut the main logic behind the program. I re wrote this program in C++.  Continue reading