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Yes. I created it. The program if executed correctly, would change all the windows asscoications to the textfile. In simple words, if you will try to open command prompt, or your computer, everything would be treated as the text file and hence would be opened with Notepad. Since, I have coded the program in such a way that it changes all the known extensions to the computer to the text file, even registry editor, system restore (they all are exes, aren’t they?). I have not found a way to restore the system in the inital condition. Hence. I named the program as Curse of Paralysis. I would recommend you to run this program in a Virtual Machine. It all started with my task at Continue reading


It all started when I had to give a presentation over Operating System Security. I had decided to give some demonstrations too. It was one of them. Though I won’t say that it was some kind of hacking because seriously I do not believe and term registry editing as hacking. Yes. Windows stores all of the settings in the Windows Registry as a database of settings.  So, basically, you just need the right key and obviously a tool to edit/create/modify these settings and BANG, you computer can be in serious trouble. So here is the program. Continue reading

Open a Port Manually In Windows 7

Well, If you have ever tried to connect to another computer with telnet or have build an online  custom Linux Distro , you would have to open a port manually, so that you can connect to it. Ports can be said as a virtual doors through which we can communicate to other networks, be it a LAN or the internet. Mostly all applications have got their default port numbers so that they can communicate to internet or LAN. Your computer can face very typical problems if two internet based programs try to communicate through the same port number. I intend to write an article to make a custom Linux Distro in soft way, opening a port is a prerequisite there. So, here it is. Continue reading

Recently, Something terrible happened to my computer. After the boot screen of the Windows 7, my computer used to get restart. Really, It became a headache for me. Soo, I came to know that C drive of my computer was corrupted, so the Windows was not able to boot up properly. I decided to reinstall the Windows to my computer, but again a problem came to me. I did not had the dvd drive in my computer. I searched for other ways to install. I found a list a of steps to fallow to make the pen drive bootable. but,I am a lazy guy, I decided to go for other way.I got the way and now I am here to give U the way.

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