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Well, I am under the study of the Assembly language and I seriously hope that I would be able to complete it this time. I have a very bad habit of leaving everything unfinished, most of my best friends hate me for this. I am seriously considering leaving this habit. Well, as the book contains some programming problems that I need to do to make sure that I am learning to code too. I will be posting about the problems that I find bit different. It is the first installment of this series. Problem is simple, you need to enter a character and without using any of the topper and to lower function you need to change the case of the character entered. Seems simple huh ? No. It is not because another part says no tinkering with the ASCII value, you need to apply some of the ignorant concepts that you have read and ignored like hell. You need to temper with the bits of the character. So, here is the thing. View full article »


It all started when I had to give a presentation over Operating System Security. I had decided to give some demonstrations too. It was one of them. Though I won’t say that it was some kind of hacking because seriously I do not believe and term registry editing as hacking. Yes. Windows stores all of the settings in the Windows Registry as a database of settings.  So, basically, you just need the right key and obviously a tool to edit/create/modify these settings and BANG, you computer can be in serious trouble. So here is the program. View full article »

Yes. It is definitely possible. I have to do it some times to know whether my mail has been read by the dearest receiver or not. However, its result are quite true. I will show a screenshot of the result.  There are many websites availble that would do the job for you for some money and some for free.  Before taking help of a free website, I researched a bit to know the working of the method I am going to tell you. I have read it somewhere that fake Ankit Fadia tells about this method in his costly seminars. I am not a big fan of him. I belive in original reserch and try to go on with it. Lets get over with it.  View full article »

Hi there, If you have fallowed my way of installing Fedora Linux on your computer/laptop and have got an dual boot system. I assume that you have installed Fedora after installing Windows. The article simply tells how to edit the boot time options that you get after loading of the GRUB. I will be tell you how to change the timeout for selection of available OS on the computer, and changing the default choice. Let See. View full article »

Reading Hindi Fonts in J105

Well ! Certain changes have taken place in my life. Some for extreme good and some for extreme bad. I just wish that it would have been better that none of them would have happened. Now, I am BACK. I use SE Naite J105i. And it is one of the things that I like most. Simply awesome. I can do my nasty experiments on it. I haven’t tried flashing still. But soon, I will go for that. However, there are certain things that I too dislike about my Naite phone. One is its inability to play real media file. I am thinking of writing my own app for that. And Second is, it can’t read PDF files. However, I managed a way for reading a PDF files in it. You can go for that way here. And last thing, it can’t read Hindi fonts. However, I managed to get a way to read Hindi fonts and that’s why I am here sharing it with you. But it has a limitation that you can read the hindi fonts on the operamini only. I haven’t tried it on the Phone’s default browser. Actully, I can’t even remember that when I had used it. 🙂 So lets discuss it. View full article »