Yes ! Everyone wants to use Internet for free. It is a necessity today. No one can ignore the world of information, entertainment. It is up to you what kind of use you put it in. Well, it is not free. ISP charges money for providing you the access the internet. Lets Begin !

So,  What is the first thing you need to have access to the internet, yes it is the ISP.  Obviously, there is not only one ISP on the planet working to provide access to the internet. There are a large number of them. Presently, you can call them a Network connected to internet.  There are Virtual Private Networks called VPNs.  Some are prepaid, free and fully paid.  Get a Free VPN you will need that.

After a free VPN, you need a internet connection to reach to that free VPN. VPNs are not ISP, they depend upon your implemented technology.

Again, as I have mentioned the implemented technology. It means that if your speed is slow, it is not good. The better the speed, the better the speed you get. So, I can say that it is for a special class of internet users which is increasing day by day.  Get the answer by yourself.

You would need a software for connecting to that VPN, Well the software depends upon the VPN. Generally, it could be an OpenVPN Software.

After all the theory that I have mentioned have a flaw. All the ISPs can not be used to get the free internet. The OpenVPN software routes all of your iinternet traffic to another Internet Server (VPN Server). If the your ISP  does not come to know about this routing, then you will be using free internet, otherwise you have a bad day.

The transfer protocol also matters, may be TCP packets may be traced by ISp and UDP may not. Again, it is the ISP only and of course, you luck.

Well, I told you everything and nothing. 🙂

Intelligent will find a way. 🙂

Good Luck