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In my previous post, I told how to install Idea Net Setter Software on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If you dont have the unlocked Idea Modem, there is no need to go through this post as the software would never allow you to change the connection settings, and you dont need to change them unless you unlock Idea Modem and put  a SIM card other than Idea. Well, I unlocked my modem via flashing. Now, I am the owner of unlocked Idea Net Setter. In this post, I will describe how to edit the connection profile as there is no other software available for you in Linux like Mobile Partner.  Continue reading


Hi there, If you have fallowed my way of installing Fedora Linux on your computer/laptop and have got an dual boot system. I assume that you have installed Fedora after installing Windows. The article simply tells how to edit the boot time options that you get after loading of the GRUB. I will be tell you how to change the timeout for selection of available OS on the computer, and changing the default choice. Let See. Continue reading

Sometimes, I feel very good to see that slowly my friends are getting motivated to use Linux. It is just a change that they getting aware of the modern cyber world and its conditions. So, I decided to help them a bit. I decided to tell them how to install Linux and Windows on your Hard Drive. So, that you can switch between them as you want to do. So, lets have the beginning. Continue reading

Build Your own LInux OS

   Linux…. I have listened somewhere, ” IF YOU WANT TO UNLEASH THE TRUE POWER OF COMPUTER, USE LINUX “. There are many people afraid of linux. They do not want to leave Windows. Well, Everyone has a choice and we must respect it. If you know little about linux, then first thing you must think of which distro should you use. Distro ? Distro = Linux Distribution. Of all the debian based, redhat and suse based Linux Distributon, I will recommend you to go with Fedora. It is easy to learn and supports everything. But still, If you have a different opinion you can go on with that. Here, I want to tell you how to make your own Linux Distro. Before contiuing to learn, I wnat you to learn how to open a port manually in WIndows 7 as you would have to open it.

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