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Build Your own LInux OS

   Linux…. I have listened somewhere, ” IF YOU WANT TO UNLEASH THE TRUE POWER OF COMPUTER, USE LINUX “. There are many people afraid of linux. They do not want to leave Windows. Well, Everyone has a choice and we must respect it. If you know little about linux, then first thing you must think of which distro should you use. Distro ? Distro = Linux Distribution. Of all the debian based, redhat and suse based Linux Distributon, I will recommend you to go with Fedora. It is easy to learn and supports everything. But still, If you have a different opinion you can go on with that. Here, I want to tell you how to make your own Linux Distro. Before contiuing to learn, I wnat you to learn how to open a port manually in WIndows 7 as you would have to open it.

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