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Well, I am under the study of the Assembly language and I seriously hope that I would be able to complete it this time. I have a very bad habit of leaving everything unfinished, most of my best friends hate me for this. I am seriously considering leaving this habit. Well, as the book contains some programming problems that I need to do to make sure that I am learning to code too. I will be posting about the problems that I find bit different. It is the first installment of this series. Problem is simple, you need to enter a character and without using any of the topper and to lower function you need to change the case of the character entered. Seems simple huh ? No. It is not because another part says no tinkering with the ASCII value, you need to apply some of the ignorant concepts that you have read and ignored like hell. You need to temper with the bits of the character. So, here is the thing. Continue reading

Transparent Command Prompt

Well, I am Command Line lover. It enables me to do anything I want without any restriction. Microsoft Windows 7 has got excellent transparency effects, you may have witnessed this by yourself. But, there is one thing they left, they did not incuded any kind of visual ffect for my “Command Prompt”. Well, Sometimes, we need to find things by ourslef. Let me give you the way.

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