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Create Your Fork Bomb

I have been through the very rough time during these days. today worst, I took revenge on my computer by showing him what a coder can do.  Actually, you can find the much more better description over the fork bomb in the wikipedia. But let me cover this. Fork Bomb is the smallest virus that can hurt you a lot.  Virus are made to compromise your system integrity and try to stop your computer from performing normal. So, lets started. Continue reading

Sometimes, I feel very good to see that slowly my friends are getting motivated to use Linux. It is just a change that they getting aware of the modern cyber world and its conditions. So, I decided to help them a bit. I decided to tell them how to install Linux and Windows on your Hard Drive. So, that you can switch between them as you want to do. So, lets have the beginning. Continue reading

Open a Port Manually In Windows 7

Well, If you have ever tried to connect to another computer with telnet or have build an online  custom Linux Distro , you would have to open a port manually, so that you can connect to it. Ports can be said as a virtual doors through which we can communicate to other networks, be it a LAN or the internet. Mostly all applications have got their default port numbers so that they can communicate to internet or LAN. Your computer can face very typical problems if two internet based programs try to communicate through the same port number. I intend to write an article to make a custom Linux Distro in soft way, opening a port is a prerequisite there. So, here it is. Continue reading

Transparent Command Prompt

Well, I am Command Line lover. It enables me to do anything I want without any restriction. Microsoft Windows 7 has got excellent transparency effects, you may have witnessed this by yourself. But, there is one thing they left, they did not incuded any kind of visual ffect for my “Command Prompt”. Well, Sometimes, we need to find things by ourslef. Let me give you the way.

Continue reading