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In my previous post, I told how to install Idea Net Setter Software on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If you dont have the unlocked Idea Modem, there is no need to go through this post as the software would never allow you to change the connection settings, and you dont need to change them unless you unlock Idea Modem and put  a SIM card other than Idea. Well, I unlocked my modem via flashing. Now, I am the owner of unlocked Idea Net Setter. In this post, I will describe how to edit the connection profile as there is no other software available for you in Linux like Mobile Partner.  Continue reading


After the death of my dearest Micromax Modem, I had to go out to buy another modem. I picked up Idea Net Setter E1732. Well, It wasn’t unlocked, I had to unlock it ( It took lot more courage than I had expected). After unlocking, I tried to install this software in the Red Hat. Normal procedure when one tries to connect to internet via a USB modem, is to let the modem manager identify your inserted CD Drive as an modem. But in my case, The modem was not being recognized as one. Even company had provided me the software that would run on a Linux System, Modem was not being recognized  I tried to do everything manually, and guess what.  I succeeded in installing it, and that’s why I am here to share the tale. Continue reading